Wease Bollman

Wease is responsible for overall organizational management,  reports and writing, scientific research and development.

Jennifer Bowman

Vice President, Information Officer

Jen is responsible for communications with clients, project planning, managing data bases, preparing technical reports, QA/QC of data prior to delivery to client, and overall organizational management.

TJ Durrant

Data Specialist

TJ is responsible for the production and quality oversight of data deliverables for clients as well as maintenance and enhancements to the laboratory information management systems and other technological tools. TJ is a certified hazardous-materials shipper.

Chuck Hile

Technical Department Supervisor

Chuck supervises Rhithron’s Technical Department, and is responsible for the quality and quantity of sample processing being produced by the Technical Department. He develops departmental protocols and operating procedures.

Rennie Winkelman


Rennie is responsible for shipment intake, metadata quality and upload, and data deliverable production. She provides initial organization for projects and prepares them for processing. Rennie also maintains project archives and tracks project materials.

Dr. Billie Kerans

Aquatic Ecologist

Dr. Billie Kerans is responsible for statistical and interpretational analysis of macroinvertebrate and periphyton data, along with the development of assessment tools and research design.

Technical Department

Rhithron’s Technical Department provides quality-assured initial sample processing for macroinvertebrate samples. This team also prepares algal samples and conducts biomass analysis. Technical Department personnel include:

  • Al Pak
  • Art Young
  • Jim Wick
  • Jennifer Foust
  • Kale Michael
  • Megan Schulz