Rhithron Associates, Inc. specializes in quality-assured processing and taxonomy for freshwater invertebrates, periphyton, phytoplankton, zooplankton, and fish.
Our expertise includes the fauna and flora of streams, rivers, wetlands, and lakes of all ecological regions of North America.
We provide data, data analysis and interpretation to aid our client’s understanding of the biological condition of freshwater aquatic resources.
Rhithron’s services include:
• Aquatic macroinvertebrate taxonomy.
• Freshwater periphyton taxonomy, including diatoms and non-diatom algae. Biovolume and density estimates.
• Freshwater phytoplankton taxonomy. Biovolume and density estimates.
• Freshwater zooplankton taxonomy. Biovolume and density estimates.
• Statistical and ecological data analysis and reporting.
• Development of bioassessment tools.
• Biomass measurements, including morphometry-based analysis with regressions and ash free dry mass (AFDM).
• Chlorophyll-a analysis.
• Fish diet analysis. Ash-free dry mass and biomass and caloric content calculations.
• Otolith and fish scale aging.